The Auction will be held Friday, July 19 at the Banquet. All proceeds benefit the National Specialty 2012 fund.

2012 Regional Baskets Specialty Challenge - Looking for a volunteer and donations!

One of the many things we're looking forward to during this year's Specialty is the Regional Basket Challenge.

Each region's contact person will collect the donations and put together a basket to hold the goodies. Everyone attending the Specialty is encouraged to donate interesting, enticing, or delectable items to their region's basket (see below to find your region).

Who will have the biggest, best, unique, zaniest or most tempting basket??? Will there be themed baskets? Like a summer picnic basket overflowing with refreshing wine, tangy cheese and crackers and treats for our furry friends? Or a field training basket complete with training book, bumper, whistle and camouflage ball cap??

Over the next couple of months, keep your eyes open for - and buy!! - items to donate to your region's basket. Send a quick email to your region's contact person to let them know what you plan on donating and to arrange when to deliver your items.

The regions are:

If you have any other auction ideas, please contact -